Who We Are

VoterPunch.org is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to providing a nonpartisan, educational voting record service to inform the public about the performance of its Congressional representatives.

To maintain the nonpartisanship of its voting record service, VoterPunch does not address any political campaigns or elections, nor does it expressly or impliedly endorse or oppose any incumbent as a candidate for public office. The voting records of all incumbents are presented, and candidates for reelection are not identified. VoterPunch makes no statement regarding any individual's overall qualification for public office.


The Team

Joshua Grossman

The key person in VoterPunch is Joshua Grossman of Berkeley, CA. Joshua is a social entrepreneur. He has an extensive background in a wide variety of social change endeavors such as political campaigns, co-producing a video for PBS on the destruction of the Redwood forests in California, serving as an interpreter for earthquake rescue teams, etc. His most successful entrepreneurial venture in a more conventional sense is his co-founding of America's largest environmentally friendly paper company, New Leaf Paper. While Joshua has not been employed by New Leaf since 1998, he retains a significant minority stake in the company. New Leaf is putting all profits into growth and Joshua derives a negligible current income stream from the company.

Joshua has closely tracked politics in all 435 Congressional Districts across the United States since he was 13 years old. He knows the names of all the members of Congress off the top of his head, as well as their voting records and the political demography of their districts. Some of the impetus behind the web site is an effort to make much of this information as well as much additional information available to a much wider public.

Brenden Timpe

Brenden Timpe is a writer who spent six years in Washington as a speechwriter and congressional press secretary. He tracks the latest House and Senate votes from his home base in Ann Arbor, MI.

Ben Barcellos

Ben is our brilliant, industrious programmer who keeps all the plates spinning all the time and makes it look easy to boot. He is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, and currently lives in Santa Rosa, CA.


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