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S Con Res 18. Fiscal 2006 Budget Resolution/Vote to Increase Funding for Education to 2005 Levels.
senate Roll Call 45     Mar 14, 2005
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The annual congressional budget resolution provides a non-binding budgetary blueprint for taxing and spending goals for the upcoming year (and beyond). While the White House's Office of Management and Budget (OMB) writes the initial budget blueprint, Congress is responsible for appropriating federal money. In the words of Senator Bingaman (D-NM), "Writing budgets is about setting priorities." One key issue raised by Progressives during debate on the 2006 Budget Resolution was education funding. To address what Progressives' characterized as unacceptable gaps in education funding contained in the budget resolution, Senator Bingaman offered an amendment to restore education funding to 2005 levels. Progressives supported Bingaman's proposal and pointed out that President Bush's banner education initiate dubbed the No Child Left Behind Act has yet to receive full funding by Congress. According to Bingaman, "The first year, the shortfall was $4.22 billion; the next year, $5.38 billion; the next year, $7.55 billion. But the cumulative shortfall in No Child Left Behind programs, when you include this budget that has come before us now, would approximate $39 billion." Conservatives opposed Bingaman's amendment and pointed out that since 2001, overall education funding has increased by 46%, special education funding has increased by 75%, and Title I funding directed toward poor children has increased by 52%. The current period of large budget deficits, Conservatives continued, required some belt-tightening in the area of public education. On a party line vote of 44-49, Bingaman's amendment was rejected and the additional education funding contained in that proposal was not included in the 2006 Budget Resolution.

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