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Wolski Nomination to the U.S. Court of Federal Claims/Vote on Confirmation.
senate Roll Call 265     Jul 09, 2003
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Historically, lower-court judicial nominations have not been subjects of bitter partisan debate. In recent years, beginning with Republican objections to Clinton-nominees and, in response, Democratic opposition to many of President Bush's selections to the federal bench, the judicial nomination process has become increasing acrimonious and divisive in the Senate. The subject of this vote was Senate confirmation of Victor Wolski to the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. Progressives opposed Wolski's nomination based on his strong ideological convictions; in their view, the federal bench should be comprised of moderate judges who will make practical rather than ideological rulings. Progressives noted, for instance, that Wolski had previously argued that Congress lacked any power to protect wetlands that serve as habitats for migratory birds and, furthermore, had referred to those wetlands as "puddles". Such anti-environment positions, Progressives argued, placed Wolski far outside the political mainstream. Republicans, however, voted unanimously in favor of Wolski's nomination and he was confirmed on a 54-43 vote.

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