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Estrada Nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia/Vote on Cloture.
senate Roll Call 114     Apr 02, 2003
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On this vote, Republicans attempted for the fourth time to invoke cloture (a motion which limits debate and schedules a time for a final vote) on the nomination of Miguel Estrada for the powerful U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. Previous cloture motions have been rejected by the Senate in large part because the Bush Administration has failed to provide legal briefs and other judicial writings to Senators authored by Estrada which would provide a basis for judgement of the nominee. Moreover, in testimony before the Senate Judicial Committee, Estrada failed to answer a range of pertinent questions regarding his judicial philosophy. These actions raised serious concerns among many Senators who are constitutionally-responsible for judging whether Estrada deserved a lifetime appointment to the second highest court in the country. To adequately fulfill its constitutional duties to advise and consent the president on judicial and executive nominations, Senators require sufficient information regarding those nominees. The administration, however, continues to deny the Senate such information which was requested months ago. Concerned that Estrada's judicial philosophy has not adequately been demonstrated, progressives voted against cloture and the motion was rejected on a 55-44 vote (to succeed, a cloture motion requires the support from at least sixty Senators).

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