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H.R. 6. Energy/Vote on Amendment to Reduce U.S. Demand for Oil by at Least One Million Barrels Per Day.
house Roll Call 117     Apr 20, 2005
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In this vote, the House defeated an amendment offered by Henry Waxman (D-CA) to take measures to reduce U.S. demand for oil by at least one million barrels per day from the amount of need projected in 2013. Making the Progressive argument, Waxman noted that responsible energy legislation ought to focus on conservation as well as production. He stated that his amendment sought voluntary reduction of the amount of oil wasted each year, and offered as evidence of the amendment's basic sense the fact that the U.S. Senate had passed the same amendment by a vote of 99 to 1. The amendment, he said, simply asked the "President to come up with some ideas for not wasting oil" and "to appeal to the American people on a patriotic basis that they simply should be more conscious of the waste and perhaps shut off their cars when they run into a Starbucks." Republicans countered that the language of the amendment left room for the President to take actions that could be mandatory. With regard to U.S. dependence on foreign oil, Joe Barton (R-TX) expressed skepticism, noting that "Well, oil is oil. We do get about 14 million barrels a day from overseas, and God bless us that we do. Our economy would come to a halt if we did not. So I am not sure how we would work on that." He also stated that "So the way to [reduce demand for oil] is to find ways to produce more and to find real-world ways to consume less and get more bang for the buck." Progressives lost on this issue by a vote of 166 to 262, with 52 Democrats crossing party lines to vote against the amendment and 18 Republicans choosing to vote for it. Thus, language asking the President to find ideas for ways to reduce U.S. demand on oil and then appeal to the American people to help implement them was not included in the energy bill.

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