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H.R. 2738. U.S.-Chile Trade/Procedural Vote to Prevent Passage of a Free Trade Bill Between the U.S. and Chile.
house Roll Call 435     Jul 24, 2003
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In an effort to prevent final passage of the U.S.-Chile free trade bill, Congressman McDermott (D-WA) motioned to reconsider the previous vote (Roll Call Vote #434) and thereby allow opponents of the legislation a second opportunity to defeat the measure. The previous vote involved the third and final reading of the U.S.-Chile free trade bill. According to House rules, legislation needs to be read three times before passage; the first reading occurs when the legislation is first introduced, the second reading occurs before House debate on the floor, and the third reading occurs at the conclusion of floor debate but before final passage of the legislation. Progressives supported McDermott's motion based on their objections to the underlying legislation. In the view of Progressives, the free trade bill would exacerbate the trade deficit in the United States and thereby cause Americans to lose their jobs (a trade "deficit" in this context means that the U.S. annually pays more money for imported products-those made in other countries-than it earns in exporting U.S.-made goods to those countries). Second, Progressives argued that free-trade agreements (such as the proposal at issue here) encourage environmental degradation by allowing corporations unfettered access to commodities that sometimes come from previously pristine natural environments under-protected by nations' environmental laws. On this vote, Representative Crane (R-IL) motioned to table (strike down) McDermott's motion to prevent the third reading of the bill and thereby defeat the legislation. Progressives voted against Crane's motion to table based on their opposition to the trade bill (and their support for McDermott's motion) but the motion to table was upheld 276-152 and the trade bill was allowed to proceed to a final vote.

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